Why Choose Neptune?

To make the world’s best diving wetsuits we pitted ourselves against the most powerful erosive forces in nature - saltwater, the harsh Australian sun and abrasive undersea environment. We expect our suits to stand up to the punishment of the real world. We understand that they will be exposed to chlorinated pools and razor-sharp rocks. We know that our wetsuits will be pulled and stretched and left to dry on the dive boat’s railing. 

Australian Workers.    Australian Owned.    Australian Quality.

There are literally hundreds of corners you can cut when making a wetsuit, at Neptune we don’t take one. We hand craft our wetsuits in our own Australian factory to the highest standard, we choose only the best materials available.

When you buy a Neptune wetsuit you get the best wetsuit money can buy, the service only a local manufacturer can give and you support fellow hardworking Australians.

Military Grade performance.

Neptune has dedicated themselves to producing the tough and high performing wetsuits. Continually refining our manufacturing techniques and investing in the latest technology. Because of this Neptune wetsuits are used for military operations around the globe. 

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30 Years of Experience 

For the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, NEPTUNE built the wetsuit that Wendy Craig Duncan wore to carry the Olympic torch underwater. Since then we have been continually improving our wetsuits. You can be sure that when Australia host the next Olympics they will be suiting up in Neptune. 

Neptune Hall of Fame