Neptune Custom 

Step 1

Choose your wetsuit thickness and model.

Step 2

Customize wetsuit colours and accessories 

Step 3

Purchase your personal wetsuit

Step 4

Wait 2 - 3 weeks 

NEPTUNE has been manufacturing custom wetsuits the for military, police, helicopter rescue and surf rescue for  years. Now we are offering custom wetsuits to the public. Customise colour, material and add extra pockets and protection. Click the customise now button to design your perfect wetsuit. 

We use two main fabrics for the construction of our commercial suits. Both are very high quality neoprene and represent the fabrics we manufacture all of our range.

• BLACK STRETCH (3mm, 5mm, 7mm or 9mm) - Our most popular Neoprene for school or rental suits. Black Stretch is flexible and robust and particularly favoured for its stretch and ability to conform to a divers body and fitting a wider range of body shapes.

• DURAFLEX (3mm, 5mm, 7mm or 9mm) - Designed for commercial and/or high wear suits or high abrasion areas. Not as flexible as stretch but extremely abrasion resistant and more flexible than standard Nylon/Jersey.