Neptune Military Suit Program

NEPTUNE has been manufacturing custom wetsuit and neoprene accessories for military, commercial divers, commercial fishermen and public safety services such as police, helicopter rescue teams and surf rescue for many years and we have a long list of repeat clients.

We can provide custom designs, construction, prints and a range of optional extras to suits any requirements. As an Australian manufacturer, we can provide a local service solution and offer a bespoke product that best suits the client requirements made right here in Australia.

Why Choose Neptune?
To make the world’s best diving wetsuits we pitted ourselves against the most powerful erosive forces in nature - saltwater, the harsh Australian sun and abrasive undersea environment. We expect our suits to stand up to the punishment of the real world. We understand that they will be exposed to chlorinated pools and razor-sharp rocks. We know that our wetsuits will be pulled and stretched and left to dry on the dive boat’s railing.

For over 30 years NEPTUNE has dedicated themselves to producing the best wetsuits for Australian and New Zealand divers, refining our manufacturing techniques and investing in the latest technology. Unlike some of our competitors, we make wetsuits that stand up to reality of the Australian and New Zealand diving experience.

At Neptune, we have an obsession with quality which is why we have been the market leaders for over 30 years and remain in that position today

We use two main fabrics for the construction of our commercial and military suits. Both are very high quality neoprene and represent the fabrics we manufacture all of our range.

BLACK STRETCH (3mm, 5mm, 7mm or 9mm) - Our most popular Neoprene for recreational and high mobility use. Black Stretch is flexible and robust and particularly favoured for its stretch and ability to conform to a divers body and fitting a wider range of body shapes.

DURAFLEX (3mm, 5mm, 7mm or 9mm) - Designed for military/commercial and/or high wear suits or high abrasion areas. Not as flexible as stretch but extremely abrasion resistant and more flexible than standard Nylon/Jersey.

What can Neptune Offer? 
NEPTUNE manufacture a range of standard “off the rack” suits as well as a range of bespoke and customised products for Australian commercial divers, government organisations and professional associations requiring specific neoprene products..

·-Customised “Made to Measure” suits for consumers and dive professionals
·-Customised School or rental suits for dive schools, dive centres and charter boat operators
·-Commercial and military grade suits customised to suit specific applications
· Repair program for school or rental suits for extra longevity
·-Alterations to existing suits (for people who have fluctuation in weight or want a better fit)
·-Additions such as customised pockets, fly zips, customised printing, etc
·-Additional safety features such as inflation chests for rescue and reflective tapes for better visibility in and out of the water.

Customized graphics
NEPTUNE is able to place your customised graphics (dive school/dive store logo). Artwork must be supplied in Eps or Ai format. A specification sheet will be developed for customer approval. Any artwork that cannot be supplied in this format will incur a $40 per/hr fee to convert artwork.

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