SINCE 1996

Our Story 

For over 30 years NEPTUNE has dedicated themselves to producing the best wetsuits for Australian and New Zealand divers, refining our manufacturing techniques and investing in the latest technology.

Unlike some of our competitors, we make wetsuits that stand up to reality of the Australian and New  Zealand diving experience. At Neptune, we have an obsession with quality which is why we have been  the market leaders for over 30 years and remain in that position today.

The NEPTUNE brand was founded in New Zealand and is now a wholly owned Australian manufacturer, designer and distributor of neoprene wetsuits throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The Neptune Hall of Fame

2000 Olympics

For the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, NEPTUNE built the wetsuit that Wendy Craig Duncan wore to carry the Olympic torch underwater. The Olympic torch was submerged for 3 minutes in its first journey underwater. Its moment NEPTUNE will always be proud of.

Scuba Dog

Here is one of our more interesting requests from a customer: Can you build a wetsuit for a scuba diving dog? Yes, yes we can. Here is a shot of scruffy paw signed and all.

Great White

"Ocean World thanks Neptune for their continued support" - Tim Whitley 1996. Here is a shot of Tim hand feeding a Great White in a Neptune wetsuit.