Neptune School Wetsuits

Neptune School Wetsuits


Dive schools and dive centres need neoprene exposure protection for their customers who may be learning to dive or renting equipment for diving. There are a lot of imported neoprene suits available that may manage to last one or two seasons before eventually succumbing to the harsh Australian environment –

NEPTUNE can provide a quality, Australian made wetsuit customised with your store logo and web details. The NEPTUNE customised suit program allows you to purchase neoprene suit in the configuration and thickness you need with customised logos and graphics, external colour coded sizing and made from a material that is not only flexible and comfortable for your customers but extremely robust.


We use three main fabrics for the construction of our suits. All three are very high quality neoprene and represent the three fabrics we manufacture all of our range.

• BLACK STRETCH (3mm, 5mm, 7mm or 9mm) - Our most popular Neoprene for school or rental suits. Black Stretch is flexible and robust and particularly favoured for its stretch and ability to conform to a divers body and fitting a wider range of body shapes.

• DURAFLEX (3mm, 5mm, 7mm or 9mm) - Designed for commercial and/or high wear suits or high abrasion areas. Not as flexible as stretch but extremely abrasion resistant and more flexible than standard Nylon/Jersey.

• BLACK NYLON (3mm, 5mm or 7mm) - An economical but still high quality neoprene with good flexibility.


Split thickness suits (3/5mm or 5/7mm) are a great option to aid flexibility, add warmth and keep bouyancy down. Price to be based on most expensive material/thickness for full suit.


The standard NEPTUNE size range applies to all suits except the hooded vest which is unisex sizing. Sizing

is external printed colour coded sizing on wrists Slim ( - ) and Relaxed (+) sizing available on request (price

on application). In addition to using numeric size indicators we also colour code suits to make identifing suit

sizes quick and easy in a school or rental environment.

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