Seac Sub

Seac Sub


SEAC was founded in 1971 in San Colombano Certenoli, a small town in the province of Genoa, the brainchild of longstanding diving enthusiasts Attilio Rapallini and Marco Arata. After Marco’s son Daniele joined the company, SEAC was completely reorganized, focusing more than ever before on design, technological evolution and international exports.

SEAC® has now developed the most advanced technology in the manufacture of full-faced masks to ensure truly natural breathing, the lowest breathing effort in its category, and effective expulsion of residual CO2 when snorkeling.

What’s more, it offers the world’s most complete line of models, sizes, and colors, to combine comfort and style with the technical characteristics of its full-face masks: separate channels for inhaled and exhaled air, a dry top that prevents water from getting in the tube, a purge valve, a wide screen with an anti-fog 180° field of vision, and a polycarbonate frame.

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