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"I have been using Neptune Freediving suits since 2010. I’ve had most of the available models, 3 and 5mm, nylon and open cell, and I’m very happy with all of them. I use the nylon wetsuits for when I am teaching, and the thin slickskin for my own training.

I also have 6mm slickskin which I have used for Freediving and spearfishing in Cape Town, South Africa, and it kept me very warm.

Even though these suits are not custom made, there is such a wide variety of sizes that is almost impossible not to find the right size for any body shape; and in any case Neptune can still personalize the suit if one has a particular request (for example I like my wetsuit tops to be a bit shorter than the standard size, so they do this for me).

The cut is great and very comfortable, especially in the arm pit area, which is designed for the arms to be held above the head when swimming with the monofin. I love the hoods, which are not as small and tight as most of the other brands on the market.

The prints on the suits look very cool, plus I have all my suits personalized with my logo, which is great because I sell Neptune’s suit in my Freediving shop in Egypt."


- Linda Paganelli

Italian record holder freediver and co-owner of





"I was lucky to be able to try the Research and Development suits for the Dry Ice and was so impressed that I have purchased one for my winter suit. The local swimming pool was just 12 degrees for the pool session with my Open Water students on the weekend but I was cooking in the Dry Ice. No need for under or over suits with this suit. Over the years I have tried most of the better known brands but your Dry Ice exceeds these suits in both comfort and warmth. Any downs? Only a lot more lead required because the suit is so buoyant. AND THAT is no problem at all.

10 out of 10 for the new suit. I will be checking out your range for a summer suit a bit later in the year."

- John Johnstone

Sydney Olympic Park Scuba Diving Instructor

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