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Water conducts heat away from the body approximately 25 times more efficiently than air. Water has a thermal conductivity of 0.58 Wm−1K−1 while still air has a thermal conductivity of 0.024 Wm−1K−1, so an unprotected individual can succumb to hypothermia even in warmish water on a warm day. Wetsuits are made of closed-cell, foam neoprene, a synthetic rubber that contains small bubbles of nitrogen  gas when made for use as wetsuit material (neoprene as a plastic may be manufactured without foaming, and is made in that fashion for many other applications where insulating qualities are not important). Nitrogen gas (like any gas) has very low thermal conductivity with respect to water or to solids, and the small and enclosed nature of the gas bubbles minimizes heat transport through the gas by gas convection currents (this is the same principle by which air containing cloth fabrics or feathers insulate). Some of Neptune's wetsuits incorporate a titanium layer to add an incompressible layer of gas cells in other ways, while keeping the thickness of the suit to a minimum. The end result of all these techniques is that the fabric layer of trapped gas cavities forces heat to travel slowly through the entrapped gas, thereby greatly reducing heat transfer from the body (or the warmed water trapped between the body and the wetsuit) to the cold water outside of the wetsuit.

A wetsuit must have a snug fit to work efficiently; too loose a fit will allow water to escape from between the suit and the body, taking the body's heat with it. You can use Neptune's size chart as a guide. It's recommended to get help from your local dive store. Flexible seals at the suit cuffs aid in the water retention. Neoprene is very buoyant, helping swimmers to stay afloat, and for this reason divers need to calculate extra weight values based on the thickness of their suit to achieve neutral buoyancy underwater. The suit loses buoyancy and thermal protection as the bubbles in the neoprene are compressed at depth.

Size Chart

The Neptune size chart is available to download as a guide. This is a guide only. For best results, try your wetsuit on at your Neptune Dealer.

Download the Neptune Size Chart

Made to Measure

Experience the best fit you can get with Neptune Made-To-Measure custom wetsuits. Wetsuits designed and manufactured with the best materials and techniques in Australia.

If you have ever had trouble finding a wetsuit that fits perfect or just prefer the unmatached comfort of a wetsuit tailored to you, Neptune can offer Made-to-Measure on a range of styles, so you will never be uncomfortable again!

There are a variety of options such as Pockets, Bumpads, Ankle/Wrist-Zips, Fly-Zips available for a truly customized wetsuit that will satisfy every scuba divers needs!

Ask us now for pricing and availability.

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