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Neptune Freediving Wetsuits

Neptune Wetsuits enlisted the advice from a panel of the worlds top Freediving and spearfishing athletes, Working closely together with the seasoned elite pattern makers from the Neptune stable, along with valuable input from the worlds leading neoprene Manufactures, the Result is remarkable Design and superior comfort never before seen in a Freediving suit.

The optimum Wetsuit for the Freediver / Apneist is the two piece suit consisting of the Hooded jacket and high waisted pants, The hooded jacket is superior for warmth and streamlining (Zero water through the neck piece), The high waisted pants are superior for breathing performance and adherence to the skin from the jacket.

 Neptune’s new Line of Freediver Wetsuits are specifically designed for freediving performance and spearfishing excellence, if you are Freediving with Stereo fins / unassisted or a monofin there is a suit Available to make your freediving experiences more enjoyable and efficient,

Resulting from experience and extensive field testing Neptune has chosen the open cell neoprene’s for the Freediver range, This provides unprecedented suppleness and elasticity, all suits will fit like a second skin.

     * Unequivocal design and fit

     * Second skin anatomic cut for maximal hydrodynamics

     * The largest diversity of sizing available from any wetsuit manufacture.  

     * Made to measure options and Custom à la mode graphics.

Neptune believes in the KIS philosophy (KEEP IT SIMPLE).

Minimum confusion and maximum understanding, making the wetsuit decision process by freedivers much easier. This is why we only manufacture the perfect Freediving suits in a small range of options.

Neptune Freediver suit

    * 3mm / 5mm neoprene - Open cell inside / Lined Outside.

    * Available in Sleek Black lining / sleek olive green lining (3mm only).

    * Optimum Two piece design with Velcro micro adjustable crotch clasp to ensure a perfect seal.

    * À la mode unique Neptune Freediver Graphics


Neptune Freediver Superslick suit


* 3mm / 5mm – Open cell inside / Superslick skin outside (superlative hydrodynamic effect)

* Available in Black superslick skin.

* Optimum Two piece design with Velcro micro adjustable crotch clasp to ensure a perfect seal.

* À la mode unique Neptune Freediver Graphics

Donning and Doffing Instructions for Open cell neoprene suits

* Don in-water, fill the suit with water and wet your body prior to donning.

* Apply talcum powder to the inside of the suit and to your body, the suit must be dry to utilize this donning technique.

* Lubricant application to the inside of the suit, mix biodegradable hair conditioner in warm / cold water and apply into the suit and onto your body, the suit will don very easily, if sensitive skin, choose sensitive biodegradable conditioner.

Care Instructions. Be mindful of fingernails when donning and doffing open cell / superslick skin suits, the high elasticity and suppleness make for superior warmth and comfort, extra care must be taken to protect the open cell and superslick skin from sharp objects, always don and doff the suit using the finger pads and palms (not the nails).

The Neptune Freediver suits are produced by Freedivers for freedivers with passion, manufactured locally in Australia to specifically achieve the highest quality of production possible, your Freediving adventures will benefit markedly.

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