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For over 20 years we have dedicated ourselves to producing the best wetsuits for Australian and New Zealand divers, refining our manufacturing techniques and investing in the latest technology.

Unlike some of our competitors, we make wetsuits that stand up to reality of the Australian and New Zealand diving experience. At Neptune, we have an obsession with quality. Which is why we have been the market leaders for over 20 years and remain in that position today. The Neptune brand was founded in New Zealand and has grown to become a trans Tasman-brand with manufacturing, design and distribution throughout Australia and New Zealand. 


To make the world’s best diving wetsuits we pitted ourselves against the most powerful erosive forces in nature. The saltwater, the harsh marine sun and abrasive undersea environment work relentlessly. So do we.

We expect our suits to stand up to the punishment of the real world. We understand that they will be exposed to chlorinated pools and razor-sharp rocks. We know that our wetsuits will be pulled and stretched and left to dry on the dive boat's railing. We realise you want to look good in your new suit so we make our suits look sensational without compromising durability, comfort or warmth.

Every wetsuit is made to an exacting standard; every detail, from the thread to the stitching, to the seams to the cut is a triumph of design and manufacture, and testimony to the ingenuity and creativity of our designers.

We do not cut corners. Every wetsuit we design and manufacture has the needs of today’s diver in mind. Function is our bottom line. Which is why we have a lifetime warranty on stitching. To make the world’s best diving wetsuits we pitted ourselves against the most powerfully erosive forces in nature. And we have prevailed.



Our State-of-the-art fabric cutting technology is now available to you  Take advantage today! The opportunity for you to utilise and benefit from our years of experience. Combine that with the latest, state-of-the-art technology, you can now benefit and grow your business without the exorbitant costs.

• Screen printing & source fabrics -

We can source fabrics nationally or internationally. Our specialist screen printing uses ultra-violet, stretch inks, ensuring individuality to your garments.

We can cut nylon, denim, lace, spandex, knitwear, silk, cotton, wool, polyester, fleece, foam, vinyl, rubber, neoprene & canvas.

• Autolay & Digitize -

We can now programme, design, store all information and decrease waste through our new Automarker and StyleCAD programming.
For more information on how Neptune Sports can help your business grow please contact Shane Holliday 02 4966 3887.

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