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Scuba DivingRecreational divers know there is nothing that can ruin the experience quicker than feeling cold. Packed with the latest technology, techniques and features, Neptune's range of wetsuits will keep you warm all year round. We expect our suits to stand up to the punishment of the real world. We understand that they will be exposed to chlorinated pools and razor-sharp rocks. We know that our wetsuits will be pulled and stretched and left to dry on the dive boat's railing. We realise you want to look good in your new suit so we make our suits look sensational without compromising durability, comfort or warmth. Every wetsuit is made to an exacting standard; every detail, from the thread to the stitching, to the seams to the cut is a triumph of design and manufacture, and testimony to the ingenuity and creativity of our designers.
Specialty Wetsuits & AccessoriesProtect yourself and keep warm with our specifically wetsuits and accessories.
FreedivingFreediving is an increasingly popular sport among Australians. Neptune is currently working on state of the art, slick lined wetsuits specifically designed for the freediving enthusiast. We're still in the early stages of these suits, but keep an eye on this spot.
Spear FishingIf Spear Fishing is your thing you have to check out the camoflage designs to help you blend into your surroundings… We're still in the early stages of these suits, but keep an eye on this spot.
Public SafetyNeptune services many public services from Covert Scuba Police to Westpac Rescue Helicopter. Providing custom designs, prints, optional pockets, tuftex knee/elbow padding, inflator hose, bum pad… anything at all to make the best possible wetsuit for the service.
SharkskinVisit Sharkskin is a revolutionary technical water sports garment suitable for many different active water sports from scuba diving, kayaking, jet skiing, to water skiing and surfing. Sharkskin garments come in a large range of both sizes and styles providing the equivalent warmth of a 2.5 – 3mm neoprene wetsuit. Even on a warm day wind chill can quickly cool you down. Sharkskin acts not only to keep the wind out, but also breathes to reduce overheating. Sharkskin is the Australian Made product of choice for water sports enthusiasts who enjoy their sport all-year-round ….. Regardless of the forecast! Visit for information and to view the full range.
Aquamax RangeAquamax is a non elastomer fabric characterised by high stretch with excellent elastic recovery. This exciting new fabric will expand the range of garments that may be created for all season. This versatile fabric was specially developed by Stretch-Tex using high technology in knitting and finishing. The fabric is soft, strong and has excellent elasticity. There is a high level of colour fastness when subject to moister or perspiration.
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